What is EDI?

EDI stands for “Electronic Data Interchange”: The exchange of electronic data between organizations. More precisely, it is the exchanging and interpreting of data on the basis of standardized messages via a standardized communication infrastructure, without human interaction. This method ensures that business documents – such as orders, packing slips, article data and invoices – are quickly and simply exchanged electronically, with fewer mistakes.

How did EDI come about?

EDI’s history starts in the 70s. In the 80s, EDIFACT was developed as the standard for electronic data exchange. Many of our clients are still using EDIFACT. However, time has not stood still. There are now other EDI variants, such as XML, VDA, HL7, EANCOM and a plethora of sector-specific EDI standards. Nowadays, an increasing number of trading partners require EDI as a standard. EDI is a logical step toward optimizing your business processes, and we would love to help you along the way!

EDI with OMS International

OMS International has years worth of experience and knowledge in electronic B2B and B2G communication and data integration. This allows us to work with any organization and offer an appropriate, scalable and future-proof solution. OMS International’s EDI solutions are created by an advanced development team. This guarantees that the solutions are constantly kept up-to-date and grow with and adapt to developments in the market and within your business. Together with you, we will make sure that your EDI solution works optimally now and in the future.

Advantages of EDI

  • Reduction of processing time;
  • Increasing security of document exchange;
  • Eliminating use of paper;
  • Supplying highly accurate information;
  • Improved collaboration and level of service with your trade partners;
  • Increased insight into product data

Let’s talk!

Would you like to know more about EDI? Would you like to know which EDI solution would be best for your organization? Are you curious about the ways in which OMS International could advise and support you? Our EDI experts are happy to help.


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