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Arthur Dekker

Sales Manager – OMS International

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OMS International Support Services

Help desk

Do you have any questions about your EDI software, or are you having issues?

You can contact us on a 24/7 basis by sending an email to Our ICT experts will search for the correct information and answers to your problem, and will then get in touch with you. That way, your problems will be resolved quickly. Would you prefer to get in touch by phone? That can also be arranged. We can also offer support outside of office hours. OMS International can offer various forms of support. Together with you, we will choose the kind of solution that is most appropriate for you: Tailored support.

Contact us via to make a TeamViewer request. No TeamViewer? Download here!


EA product update improves the use of your EDI software. With an update, we add new features to the software and improve the ones already available.

Are you using one of our EDI software products? Then you can improve the software product’s performance by always installing the latest services and functions. These software updates can be safely installed and ensure that your EDI software is always up-to-date.

Here you can see if there is a software update available for you.


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